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Akunamlilo Fire Fighters – a pivotal force in the battle against shack fires in South Africa. Our mission is to diminish the devastating impact of fires in informal settlements by equipping communities with the necessary tools and knowledge to protect their homes and loved ones.

Akunamlilo Fire Fighters Project Overview

At Akunamlilo Fire Fighters, we recognize the critical need for fire safety in vulnerable areas. Our project is centered on providing fire extinguishers and comprehensive fire safety education. Through our dedicated efforts, we aim to create a safer environment for those living in conditions susceptible to fires.

Fire Extinguisher Distribution

One of our core initiatives is the widespread distribution of fire extinguishers. To date, we have successfully placed countless number of fire extinguishers in the hands of those who need them the most. Collaborating closely with local organizations and enthusiastic volunteers, we meticulously select high-risk areas and conduct thorough training to ensure the effective use of these life-saving devices. Our work doesn't stop at distribution; we also ensure that residents know where to find essential fire safety tools, such as HOSE REEL locations, Asemble signs, fire blankets, and First aid boxes near them.

Fire Safety Education

Beyond physical tools, education is a powerful weapon against the threat of fires. Akunamlilo Fire Fighters is committed to teaching residents about fire prevention, causes, and emergency response.

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